One Week in Istanbul and Bodrum – Part 1

Ten years of marriage goes by in a flash! But how do you celebrate such a milestone? I have been wanting to go to Istanbul for a while. It’s extremely touristy, but I was enamoured by the thoughts of it being a city where you could see mosques, churches and synagogues all right by eachContinue reading “One Week in Istanbul and Bodrum – Part 1”

Seoul, South Korea in 48 Hours

Living in Asia, you often hear that Seoul, South Korea is one place that can’t be missed. I was really intrigued by all I had heard about Seoul, but because of how cold the winters get, I wanted to make sure that I visited during the summer. So I messaged a friend who was planningContinue reading “Seoul, South Korea in 48 Hours”

Our Mini Vacation from Bangkok – Part 2: HUA HIN

Of all of the places that I had heard about in Thailand, Hua Hin was not one of them. But one of K’s coworkers who lives in Bangkok suggested it to us as we were looking for something slightly off the beaten path Hua Hin is a beach side town, a 2.5 hr drive fromContinue reading “Our Mini Vacation from Bangkok – Part 2: HUA HIN”

How to Style a Red Sweater

In this #rewearability feature is a sweater that is all over my insta profile making it one of the most reworn items in my closet – my red @aritzia chunky sweater ❤️ #redsweaterrewear — 🎶 – MIA Twinbeatz Mashup @v_twinbeatz @h_twinbeatz Here are the looks that I created with it! Well in addition to theContinue reading “How to Style a Red Sweater”

Back Home with My Baby Girl

When I told friends in Hong Kong that I was heading back to the US for three weeks, the general response was, “Oh, you must be so excited to go back!”. Yes, I was extremely excited to go back, but I was also very nervous. It would be my first trip flying home with myContinue reading “Back Home with My Baby Girl”