How to Style a Red Sweater

In this #rewearability feature is a sweater that is all over my insta profile making it one of the most reworn items in my closet – my red @aritzia chunky sweater ❤️ #redsweaterrewear
🎶 – MIA Twinbeatz Mashup @v_twinbeatz @h_twinbeatz

Here are the looks that I created with it! Well in addition to the million ways in which I’ve already worn it on IG 😉

Look 1:

Look 1 from my #redsweaterrewear video pairs my red Aritzia sweater with a shiny Topshop pleated skirt- Who wore it best, me or the poinsettias?

Look 2:

My favorite holiday look of the lot thanks to the stretchy, comfortable, I’ve-eaten-too-much-and-will-probably-continue-to-do-so Aritzia sweatpants 👌🏽

Look 3:

A great way to rewear that NYE dress that’s already been seen on the ‘gram 🙌🏽 and that red sweater of course ❤️ (it’s actually a dress, not a skirt!)

Look 4:

El sweater paired with Aritzia wide leg trousers 🤓 Not the most unique ensemble of the bunch but it’s perfect for work and super comfy 🙏🏽 well minus the spiked pumps I suppose

Look 5:

This, is officially the last pic I have of my red sweater… My lovely sweater accidentally got mixed up in the laundry and shrunk 😭 So this last look, Look 5 from my #redsweaterrewear video is for you dear sweater ❤️ Thanks for keeping me cozy and warm 🙏🏽✌🏽

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