Watch that Blouse Bounce

Throwing it back two ways: a victorian collar blouse with some old school @janetjackson 🎶 Give your basic white button down a fall break by trying a victorian blouse instead. They’re just as clean, super versatile, and roll with you when you play with other dance styles 🙃 Next up on rewearability: my Asos victorian collar blouse ✨ #watchthatblousebounce 💃🏽

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My first year with IfStyleDanced

Photo Sep 26, 12 42 56 AM.jpgI started @ifstyledanced one year ago today, thanks to some persuasive friends.

“I always think about how you’d style something I bought,” said one friend.

“I changed my shoes 3-4 times just based on what you might have done with this outfit”, said another.  

Their comments probably make me sound more like a bully than a friend, but both told me that I had influenced their style and that I should do something with that ability. I was defensive at first; I didn’t believe them. 

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