Advisors often say that in order to succeed when starting a business, you must expect to fail, not once, but many times and as quickly as possible. The funny part is that it’s the opposite of what I had heard as a kid, especially the “many times as possible” part.

One Week in Istanbul and Bodrum – Part 2

Adding Bodrum to our Istanbul trip made for the perfect mix of city chaos and beach relaxation. It was the anniversary celebration part of our trip, and made for the perfect leisurely get-away.  Getting around Bodrum: Getting to/from the airport: There are buses you can take from the airport to Bodrum city center, but givenContinue reading “One Week in Istanbul and Bodrum – Part 2”

One Week in Istanbul and Bodrum – Part 1

Ten years of marriage goes by in a flash! But how do you celebrate such a milestone? I have been wanting to go to Istanbul for a while. It’s extremely touristy, but I was enamoured by the thoughts of it being a city where you could see mosques, churches and synagogues all right by eachContinue reading “One Week in Istanbul and Bodrum – Part 1”

Singapore in 48 Hours

I’ve been to Singapore before, but just for a day, en route to India. Perhaps it was more than a day, but I recall so little due to jet lag that I needed to go back.  A month before our trip we found out that a friend of ours was going to Singapore for work.Continue reading “Singapore in 48 Hours”

Seoul, South Korea in 48 Hours

Living in Asia, you often hear that Seoul, South Korea is one place that can’t be missed. I was really intrigued by all I had heard about Seoul, but because of how cold the winters get, I wanted to make sure that I visited during the summer. So I messaged a friend who was planningContinue reading “Seoul, South Korea in 48 Hours”