Find Your Style

As a stylist and dancer, I feel that every woman’s style should move with them in life and help them feel confident in everything they do. I believe that understanding fit and maximizing “rewearability” of a wardrobe are key components in ensuring your style helps you move with ease, effort, and confidence.

I offer four virtual personal styling services that can help you gain clarity on your personal style and how to shop for it. 

Each personal styling service is bespoke and will be tailored to your needs. And they can also be performed remotely; timing adjustments might be required based on location. 

Not sure which one works for you? Complete the form at the bottom and I will help you figure it out.

  1. Embrace Your Style Consultation

How we perceive and dress ourselves is very psychological and can impact how we go about our day. Starting with an assessment to understand your day-to-day life and current perspective on your style, we will discuss everything from what makes you feel good, what doesn’t, the colors that make your personality pop, and clothing styles that best compliment your body type. The goal of this discussion will be to create a simple style guide to help you maximize what you have, embrace your personal style, and make more thoughtful and cost-effective shopping decisions. Whether you’re working from home, in-person, or all of the above, I want to help you feel like you’ve got it together.

Price: $150 USD

Length: 1 session (1 hour) 

  1. Closet Detox 

We will start with a Style Consultation, then we will review your closet, try on items, and discuss:

  1. What works and don’t work based fit and on how you want to evolve your personal style 
  2. The silhouettes that best suit your frame and lifestyle
  3. How to rewear items in your closet to create different looks
  4. How to find your best fit
  5. Gaps you might have in your closet

Price: $400 USD

Length: 4 sessions (1 hour / session; sessions can be spread across multiple days)

  1. Rewear Your Closet

Not sure how to get the most out of what you have? Let’s go through the pieces you’re not sure how to wear or wear again and get the most out of what you have! In some cases, you might realize the gaps that make more sense to shop for vs. buying something you might never wear again. Complete this form to start the process.

Price: $540 USD

Length: 10 items = one week to provide 3-5 recommendations per piece

  1. Personal Shopping 

Need help shopping? We will start with a Style Consultation to understand what you have and need. Whether you need to dress for a new job, are learning how to dress your postpartum body, have a Zoom wedding to attend, etc. I will help you shop online and in person while providing styling advice tailored to you. Together we will find items that work for your body and personality, while ensuring that each piece compliments your closet, lifestyle and budget.

Price: $540 USD

Length: 6 sessions (1 hour / session; sessions can be spread across multiple days)

  1. Make Me Over 

Need to feel new again and not sure where to start? Make Me Over is a perfect option. 

This option combines all of the above: Style Consultation, Closet Detox, Rewear, Personal Shopping as well as two free sessions to use as you wish to revamp your wardrobe and embrace your style. 

Price: $2,000 USD

Length: 12 sessions (1 hour / session; sessions can be spread across multiple days) 

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