Back Home with My Baby Girl

When I told friends in Hong Kong that I was heading back to the US for three weeks, the general response was, “Oh, you must be so excited to go back!”. Yes, I was extremely excited to go back, but I was also very nervous. It would be my first trip flying home with myContinue reading “Back Home with My Baby Girl”

Christmas 2019: Holiday Fairs and Christmas Markets in Hong Kong

If you’re a slow planner and a late shopper, don’t fret. To get you prepared for the holiday spirit, we’ve put together a list of upcoming fairs, festivals and bazaars in the 852. Whether you’re seeking Christmas comfort food, looking to spread some cheer or hunting for a quirky gift, this guide has the best deals around townContinue reading “Christmas 2019: Holiday Fairs and Christmas Markets in Hong Kong”

The Best Independent Jewellery Designers in Hong Kong

You can dress yourself from head to toe, but no look is fully complete without an accessory or two to bring it all together. So, after much research, I’ve rounded up the master list of local Hong Kong talent that wants nothing more than to make sure you are accessorised to perfection! Whether you chooseContinue reading “The Best Independent Jewellery Designers in Hong Kong”

Our 3 Day Trip to Osaka and Kyoto, Japan

My first trip to Japan was in January of this year when I met up with K in Tokyo at ~20 weeks pregnant. But, it was too cold to truly explore, I wasn’t able to eat any sushi, and all of the bars and some cafes were too smoky to step inside, so I feltContinue reading “Our 3 Day Trip to Osaka and Kyoto, Japan”

10 Events for Your Diary this October

Autumn is officially in full swing and the city’s event calendar is booked solid. With events like open-air dining, October art events, concerts and movies in the park, 5K runs, Pink Season, and of course, Halloween, there are so many ways to make the most of October in Hong Kong. Open up your calendar apps and getContinue reading “10 Events for Your Diary this October”

Traveling with a Baby, 7 Days in Bali

This trip accomplished three firsts for me: 1) it was my first trip to Bali, 2) my first trip with E, and 3) my first trip with our nanny.