Bali Round 2: 3 Days in Ubud and 3 Days in Canggu – Part 2

Canggu was not on my radar for our next trip to Bali as I felt that I hadn’t really seen Seminyak the last time we were there. But a friend recommended it as one of his favorite places and the Berawa Beach is right on its coast, so we thought we’d give it a go.

The Best Eye Products Available in Hong Kong

We often forget that the skin around our eyes is far more delicate than the rest of our face and needs special attention to address its own set of ailments. We’re specifically talking puffiness, dark circles and fine lines. So we’ve rounded up a range of products to alleviate those concerns and help you figure out which youContinue reading “The Best Eye Products Available in Hong Kong”

How to Rewear Biker Shorts

I know people have mixed feelings on biker shorts, but if you love leggings, why not a shorter version of them? Next up on #rewearability are a fave piece in my closet – biker shorts (PS – sorry that the lighting is so off in the video <insert face palm emoji>) Music by – VidyaContinue reading “How to Rewear Biker Shorts”

Your Guide to Hotel Wedding Venues in Hong Kong

Finding a venue is usually the first step of wedding planning as it can determine everything from the vibe to the date itself. There’s so much to consider that it can get rather overwhelming. So, before you start thinking about the photographer, catering company, wedding dress and wedding planner, the venue is a good place to begin. To help make theContinue reading “Your Guide to Hotel Wedding Venues in Hong Kong”