5 Ways to Wear Lilac/Purple Shoes

My last pre-baby rewear dance video! Purple has been my favorite color since I was a kid 💜 So next up on #rewearability – 5 color pairings with the color of the year – in shoe form 🙌🏽 Check out the video above! #mypurpleprance
🎶: @iamcardib

See below for my thoughts on the different colors and prints that you can pair purple shoes with, and where you can get different types of purple shoes from!

Here are some options for purple/lilac/lavender shoes if you’re not sure where to get them.

Yes, there are a lot of Jeffrey Campbell options for purple shoes!

And here are each of the color pairings that I think work perfectly with purple shoes!

Look 1:

An easy pairing with purple shoes is of course pink! The entire spectrum including peach tones 🙌🏽
PS – thanks for the photobomb, belly button 🙄 

👡: Jeffrey Campbell 👗: Grana

Look 2:

Totally distracted by the little girl kicking around inside 🤔 But look 2 pairs purple with more purple 💜 Nothing wrong with some color matching
👡: Jeffrey Campbell 👗: designed by me

Look 3:

I’ve gone from trying to look like a delicate flower to successfully looking like a whole garden 🌷-> 💐💐💐😳 Pairing all kinds of blues with my lovely lilac shoes in look 3
👡: Jeffrey Campbell 👗: Asos

Look 4:

I wanted to show how great yellow looks with purple shoes but can’t fit into anything I have that’s yellow ATM so a dress with yellow flowers will have to do 🌻

👡: Jeffrey Campbell 👗: Asos

Look 5:

With a look that says “I smell tator tots” here’s look 5 that pairs pastels with pastels 🙌🏽 No matter the color of the pastel they work so well together 💪🏽

👡: Jeffrey Campbell 👗: Designed by me

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