How to Wear a Graphic or a Retro T-Shirt

T-shirts are great with denim and leggings but why not change it up? Next up on #rewearability5 Ways to Wear Retro Tees (click link for video) 🙌🏽 ✨ The bump does most of the dancing 🙈 #myretroteeandme

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🎶 – Prince

Look 1:

My Asos retro t-shirt over an Aritzia midi dress – bump optional 🙌🏽

Look 2:

Not the best rule follower… 🤔 Here’s look 2 with my Asos retro tee and Aritzia knit pencil skirt 💃🏽

Look 3:

Love me some wide-leg pants even though my bump didn’t want to stay hidden in these 😳🙈 Here’s look 3 with my Asos retro tee and these amazing pants from Fab India ✨

Look 4:

Truth – the waistband of these non-maternity trousers were rolled down to fit just below my bump for this pic… 🙈 So uncomfortable but the things you do to make a point! Yes, you can wear t-shirts with trousers, including ones you wear to work 🤗 Just change up the 👠 Here’s look 4 with my Asos retro tee and these now non-fitting but still one of my favorite trousers from Aritzia ✨

Look 5:

“Why walk when you can dance?” ✨ Last but not least is look 5 of #myretroteearndme video (link in bio) with my Asos retro tee and a golden pleated Topshop skirt 💃🏽