The Apple Shape

Apples are a delicious fruit, but most women with an apple body shape seem to struggle with feeling delicious themselves.

The basic definition of an apple shape is when you have broad shoulders, and a fuller bust, waist, and upper back. To know whether you have this body shape, look in the mirror. If you’re heavier in the top half of your torso (from the waist up) vs. the bottom half, then you most likely have an apple shape body.

If this is you, give yourself a wink because women with an apple body shape have a great opportunity to accentuate their body by taking advantage of their full bust and shapely legs. Below are a few suggestions on pieces that can flatter an apple body shape and make look wonderful.


Women with an apple-shaped body tend to have an amazing bust. Don’t be afraid to show it off! Certain things to consider in tops for an apple body shape:  

Flaunt that bust. Consider tops with wider necklines like a v-neck, scoop, square, strapless, sweatheart, or even a sultry plunging neckline. Options include: Asos Shirred Blouse with Fluted Sleeves, Topshop Peplum Top, Topshop V-Neck Tunic Top, Topshop Cold Shoulder Blouse

Draping is great.  Unless you’re comfortable with clingier tops, tops that drape and have a high waistline, empire waist, or an a-line shape will further emphasize your bust, and are easy to move around in. Options include: Asos Smock Top, Topshop Striped Peplum Top, Topshop Smock Top

Play with layers. Adding layers will naturally highlight your torso while  balancing the proportions of your top and bottom halves. Options include: Topshop Blazer, Asos Maxi Kimono, Boohoo Sleeveless Duster


Let’s talk about legs 🙂 Apple-shaped bodies often have beautiful legs, which should be shown off as much as possible.  Try to avoid embellishments around the waist and the front unless you’re looking to emphasize those areas.

Wider or structured pants. Wide leg, straight leg or flared pants are flattering and provide visual balance.  Options include: Topshop Velvet Flared Pants, DL1961 High Rise Wide Leg Jeans, Asos Cropped Wide Leg Pants

Shorts! Summer is here which means we can give our pants and longs skirts a break with a fun pair of shorts. Consider a high-waisted pair or one that sits exactly at your waist. Options include: Topshop Khaki Shorts, AGOLDE Vintage Denim Shorts, Asos Tassle Shorts

Skirts – Above the knee, at the knee, below the knee, you choose. Most skirt styles easily compliment an apple body shape including: A-line skirts, pencil skirts, trumpet skirts, and bias skirts. Options include: Topshop Midi Check Skirt, Asos Denim Wrap Skirt, Asos Satin Pleated Skirt


To figure out the most flattering dress styles for an apple body shape, combine the guidelines above for selecting tops and bottoms.

Draw attention to your upper half. Similar to tops, the bodice of the dress should draw attention to your bust and drape away from your body. Options include: Topshop Print Wrap Dress, Topshop Asymmetric Slip Dress,

Flaunt those legs. Consider dresses with similar silhouettes as the skirts mentioned above to highlight those legs as much as possible. Options include: Topshop Velvet Mini, Kenneth Cole Velvet Dress, Catherine Malandrino Tie-Waist Shift Dress

Wrap it up. Probably one of the most flattering dress styles out there, wrap dresses successfully combine a sultry neckline with an accentuated bottom. Options include: Topshop Metallic Wrap Dress, a Wrap Dress from Bloomingdales, Yumi Kim Wrap Dress

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