The Pear Shape

‘Bootylicious’ is how some people would describe those with a pear body shape. Sure, it can also used to describe an hourglass figure, but, for women with a pear shaped body, it’s that beautiful, round, picturesque booty that’s usually the main focal point.  

The basic definition of a pear shape is when your hips are wider than your shoulders and waist. Proportions will, of course, always vary, but if you look at yourself in the mirror and notice that your bust is proportionally smaller than your hips and rear, then you have a pear body shape.

Women with this body shape can accentuate their waist and curvy back-side while balancing their body. The key is to look for styles that enhance the torso and highlight the waist. Below are a few suggestions on pieces that can flatter a pear body shape.


Women with a pear shaped body tend to have a defined waist and slim shoulders that should all be accentuated by the tops they wear. There aren’t specific types of tops to look for, but instead certain components to consider.  

Focus attention on your torso. Slim-fitted tops are your best options as they’ll highlight your shoulders and waist. If considering a loose top, make sure it hits your hipbone.  

Topshop Wrap Top and Style Mafia Lace Blouse

Embellish your neckline. Any sort of embellishment around the neckline will highlight your shoulders and neck and naturally draws the eye upwards.

Boohoo Tie Neck Blouse and Topshop Cold Shoulder Lace Top

Play with layers. Adding layers will naturally highlight your torso while also making your top half more proportionate to your lower half.

New Look Long Cardigan and New Look Cold Shoulder Jacket

Crop tops. Remember, it’s not about hiding your bottom half with long tops! Try lighter colored crop tops paired with high waisted wide-leg jeans or pants to highlight your waist.  

Lace Crop Top from Nordstrom


Because pear shaped bodies have that amazing booty, structured bottoms can help further accentuate the waist and slim the hips. Try to avoid low cut pants or bottoms with embellishments around the hips and rear unless you’re looking to emphasize those areas.

Wider or structured pants. Wide leg, straight leg or pants that are flared from the bottom are flattering and provide visual balance.  

Wide Leg Pants from Aritzia and Topshop Peg Trousers

A-line skirts. Try A-line skirts that are knee length or longer, as they highlight the waist.

Asos Pleather A-line Skirt and an A-Line Print Skirt from Nordstrom


Dresses that are most flattering for a pear body shape requires a combination of the guidelines used when selecting tops and bottoms.  

Draw attention to your torso. Similar to the tops, the bodice of the dress should draw attention to your torso and highlight your waistline.

Topshop Cold Shoulder Dress and Boohoo Color-Block Cami Dress

Knee-length or longer.  Dresses with an A-line shape or have a tulip shape are flattering for different reasons.  A-line dresses will draw attention away from the hips and the tulip shape will accentuate those beautiful hips while creating a slimming effect.

Vince Camuto Midi Dress and an Asos Tulip Dress

As always, these are just guidelines! Play around with different cuts and shapes to see what works best for you. There’s never any reason to squeeze yourself into any one category.

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