Black and Denim – A Travel Combo

While showing a friend some of my pics from my Hong Kong trip last week, he commented that I seem to wear a lot of black and denim, and he’s right.  I do, and it’s intentional.

Black Turtleneck | Cropped Wide Leg Denim (Wilfred/Aritzia) | Silver Loafers | Silver Bag

Packing has never come easily to me (and I’ve traveled a lot).  The questions: “what will I be doing?” and “what will I wear for it?” always seem unanswered for me until I actually get there.  So, to give me the ability to easily mix-and-match, re-wear, dress-up, or dress-down, one of my go-travel combos has become a black top, a denim bottom, and any type of shoe.

Black Lace-up TopHigh Rise Distressed Denim | Piano Shoes (House of Avenues) | Black Tote

I do, of course, bring other non-black tops, and non-denim bottoms, but the default remains the same, and the combo options are still endless 🙂

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