My Sweater Beloved

As much as I’ve traveled, to different places, for various reasons, I always tend to overpack.

When looking back on packing for my most recent trip to Hong Kong, I’ve realized that every year, I have a new standard palette of clothes that I always take with me.  In some cases, the pieces are the same, in others, they morph into a different shade, or a different shape of the same clothing item (e.g., distressed boy jeans sometimes replace the my lovely skinnies).

This year however, of the few things that have become my travel companions, this sweater is one of my favorites.


There’s something to be said about a unit of clothing that is comforting, keeps you warm, can fit over anything, be tucked away when not needed, and more than anything…goes with everything without complaining  🙂


Only time will tell when my sweater beloved and I will have to part ways, but until then, on to the next leg of our journey.

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