A Peek into my Dance Self

The way I feel about style is the way I feel about dance. Dynamic and fluid with underlying structure and ever emotive.

So on Today’s International Day of the Girl, I wanted to share a part of my dance self. This piece by The Sa Dance Company to Niraj Chag’s Mud Doll was made to help convey the beauty, the power, the independence, the individuality, and the dreams of all girls out there ✨ 💃🏽 We must all stand by each other and continue to empower the future mothers, leaders, and innovators of our world.

The lyrics to the song are translated below:

“I am not a traveller, neither a form of desire or attachment
I am not a home made of bricks
A Temple, A Mosque
I am no palace
Neither prayer, victory or loss
Or sacrifice
I am a mud doll assembled of the elements
I am stardust, nature’s game
In me is the universe, I am from the universe”

Performance by: The Sa Dance Company
Choreography by: Payal Kadakia & Gayatri Bahl
Music by: Niraj Chag
Lyrics by: Japjit Kaur
Production by: Shravya Kag

For more Sa Dance Company videos, please go to our youtube channel: The Sa Dance Company

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