Playtime with Rent it Rani

I love playing with various pieces of clothing. Whether it’s a different fit, style, concept, I’d happily try it all. However, aside from putting thought into what bag and shoes to wear, I rarely think about my accessories. Even the stud earrings I wear daily are only changed on occasion, typically for weddings and other big events.

My husband and I have been very fortunate to have attended many weddings over the past several years. However, because of the amount of events, locations, groups of people, it became hard to keep up with the outfits and the rewearability of them. I could barely think about the jewelry and how much it would all cost 😳.

So when a good friend launched jewelry rental line called Rent it Rani, I thought, “OMG YES! One less thing to worry about! 🙏🏽”. With Rent it Rani, you can rent stunning jewelry pieces made of precious metals and a variety of gemstones without investing a fortune in something that you’ll rarely rewear.

Each piece/set comes delivered to you fully insured and in a super cute silver box as shown below.

Instructions, labels, and tape are also all provided with each order so it’s as easy to return as it is to order.

Rent it Rani has made it so easy to find that stunning piece to help enhance or make your outfit. Whether it’s for an event, a wedding that you’re attending, or your own wedding (it’s the best for this), they have so many options to choose from and can ship it to you by the next business day.

I had such an amazing time playing with the process and am in awe of the quality of each piece that I received; every item just shimmered regardless of whether there was light âœ¨

Instagram posts from my playtime with Rent it Rani are displayed below.  Special thanks to my friend Anuj Goyal for his creative photography! Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Look 1:

When a jewelry set completely transforms an outfit ✨ This 2-tier necklace set and kara bangle from Rent it Rani kept its beautiful bling from sunlight to shadow ðŸ’«

Look 2:

💎 anyone? Rent it Rani has a variety of gorgeous gemstone options all set in a precious metal for those of you that aren’t looking for solid gold. These pieces are so alluring that no one would notice if you had food in your teeth 😬

Look 3:

The Rent it Rani version of the jewelry that Princess Jasmine wore when Jafar captured her…or so Anuj Goyal and I like to think 😏

Look 4:

Saturday steeze a la Rent it Rani 👌🏽

Look 5:

Necklace, earrings, bangles ✔️ but still looking for something different? Rent it Rani also has noserings, headpieces, and beautiful rings to help change up your look or just try something new. Plus it’s a good way to amp up your Sunday funday ðŸ’ƒðŸ½

Look 6:

IMG_9904One more shot with this stunning nosering because it was so fun to wear 🤗 Thank you Rent it Rani for allowing me to play with your beautiful pieces! ðŸ™ðŸ½ ✨

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