Playtime with NOT by Jenny Lai

When looking for clothing, one of the things I look for is how well I can move in what I wear. This quality is extremely evident in each of the pieces from NOT by Jenny Lai.

I met Jenny in Oct, 2016 at a Diwali event that was hosted by Flying Solo.  At the time, I was just getting started with my fashion/style/whatever-you-want-to-call-it Instagram profile, and was struggling to find the best way to introduce myself with my new identity (still working on it 🙄).  Jenny, thankfully, made me feel instantly comfortable, and as I got to know her over the last few months, I’ve been consistently amazed by her work and journey as a multi-disciplinary artist (designer, pianist, sculptor, and a lot more).

As a dancer, the sentiment and story of each piece you perform is important, even if it’s just meant for fun.  In the same way, each of Jenny’s pieces has its own source of inspiration and story that comes to life from the time you first see it, to when you wear it and move around in it.      

Jenny Lai’s beautiful ready-to-wear collections are inspired by movement and performance, and I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to play with her new Spring/Summer 2017 collection. 

Instagram posts from my playtime in and around her inspiring studio are displayed below. Special thanks to my friend Eunice Kim (@eegood_) for her creative photography! Follow this link to shop these pieces on her site.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I do 😊

Ever notice the elastic ribbing border used on bomber jackets?  Jenny Lai from NOT has made this ribbing border the principals dancer in her new Spring/Summer collection.  The structure of the tops are formed based on the weight and arrangement of the border, and are fun statements that can be worn with slacks or denim #bandsmakeherdance 💃🏽

Slits are popping up on all types of clothing this year, why not on shorts?  These shorts are made of super lightweight material, sit seamlessly on your waist and have fun asymmetrical slits that look different from every angle.  They can be paired with heels for a sultry look or dressed down with sneaks for casual play #peekaboo 👀

When pants make you dance 💃🏽 These pants, like the shorts above, are so lightweight and sit comfortably on your waist.  The light ruffles on the sides add to the beauty of this piece and are also pockets!  ✨

A close-up of those hidden pockets on these pants #notsohiddennow 👀 🌹

When you convince the security guard that you’re students and not bloggers just so you can shoot a boomerang 🙈 Yet another fun NOT creation using ribbing border.  The weight of the border allows for the mesh to hang evenly on your shoulders and move with your body #thankssecurityguard 👮🏾

Banister dancing and people watching with one of my NOT crushes 💞

Workwear reimagined 👩🏽‍💼 Inspired by business suits and backpacks, Jenny has created these whimsical dotted pin-striped pants with a band at the top that resembles a backpack strap #haveathingforbackpacks 🎒

Hey there backpack strap band #saythatthreetimesfast ✨

Managed to capture this final look in the midst of a laughing fit  Another fun piece inspired by active wear material, with a slit on the right for your leg and a slit on your left for your hand (aka pocket 😏).  Thank you, Jenny, for the opportunity to play with your inspiring and beautiful Spring/Summer 2017 collection!  #tillnexttime 🙏🏽

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