‘Tis the Season for Sparkles

Have you ever seen a cat with its eyes glued to a moving laser? I’m the same way when it comes to sparkly objects: my eyes get stuck to them as if I’m in a trance.

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Black and Denim – A Travel Combo

While showing a friend some of my pics from my Hong Kong trip last week, he commented that I seem to wear a lot of black and denim, and he’s right. I do, and it’s intentional.

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My Sweater Beloved

When looking back on packing for my most recent trip to Hong Kong, I’ve realized that every year, I have a new standard palette of clothes that I always take with me. In some cases, the pieces are the same, in others, they morph into a different shade, or a different shape of the same clothing item (e.g., distressed boy jeans sometimes replace the my lovely skinnies).

This year however, of the few things that have become my travel companions, this sweater is one of my favorites.

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